Did You Know?

EMV Debit cards are here!

WCCU upgraded your Mastercard Debit Card as of November 14th. All of our MasterCard Debit cardholders received a new EMV chip card in October. These cards must be activated to avoid loss of debit card access to your account.

What do you need to know?
  • New cards were mailed out mid-October.
  • It’s a brand new card with a new PIN, but you can call the 800 number on the PIN mailer and change it if you prefer.
  • Your old card is closed as of November 13th. 
What do you need to do?
  • When you receive your new card, you must activate it.
  • If you have any recurring payments set up with your old card, contact that payee and update your card.
  • Make sure your address is current with the credit union. The cards were mailed to the address we have on file.
Why AVM?

 It’s simply a more secure technology, and we want your personal information to stay as safe as we can make it!

You can read more about EMV chips, what they are, and how they improve your financial security by clicking HERE.


WCCU Gets a Makeover!

In order to continue to meet the needs of our growing market, WCCU has embarked on a big change that includes a new look, new website, and the development of new service tools to better serve our membership.

The new website includes a new format with user friendly information, as well as the same reliable features you have come to relay on. Please let us know if we can help you navigate through any of the new features.

Refinance for a Better Rate!

Did you know that WCCU offers some of the best rates for new and used vehicles? Already made a purchase? Never fear! You can refinance your vehicle in order to take advantage of these great rates? Apply online to find out our best rate for your vehicle refinancing today!

WCCU Mortgage

Most people think of home remodeling expenses when they think of Home Equity loans. Did you know that the equity in your home can also be used to finance other expenses? Unexpected repairs, medical expenses, new furniture, that dream vacation, all of these can be financed with a Secured or Home Equity loan.

Skip A Pay

Our popular Skip A Pay program is now available throughout the year. Have an unexpected expense? You now have the option to delay a WCCU loan payment for a fee of $25.00.

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What do I need to Bring?

To open your Wexford Community Credit Union Account you will need to bring the following:

  • Your Michigan Driver’s License or State of Michigan ID card (or any other government-issued photo-ID such as U.S. passport).
  • A second form of ID which bears your name, for example, Social Security Card, Insurance Card, School ID, Voters Registration, Work ID, etc. (Reminder: Please remember to bring children’s social security card and birth certificate with you when opening children’s accounts.)
  • Proof of physical address.
  • If provided forms of ID do not list physical address, or if it is a brand new address, we will need to see car registration, any official mail, something that is printed with the physical address. (A Secretary of State update sticker on your license is perfectly acceptable.)
  • If you work, worship or go to school in one of our eligible counties, we must have a letter from that organization, a paystub, or something to establish proof of the relationship.
  • A $5.00 minimum deposit establishes your Regular Share (Savings) Account. This Regular Share (Savings) Account is required for access to all other services provided by the Credit Union. The $5.00 minimum deposit must remain in the account as long as you are a member of, and wish to use services provided by, Wexford Community Credit Union.