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Our personalized approach to member care allows us to identify the needs of our student member and provide support as they grow, head off to school, and start their career.

We want to be your trusted resource for all of your financial needs throughout your life. At WCCU you are part of our family!

WCCU is a trusted resource for young people approaching adulthood to help build a strong financial foundation. Students need support for learning the basics of household finance: how to write a check, balance a checkbook, savings strategies, credit pitfalls and sound spending practices. We want to partner with parents and students to provide helpful resources for providing the right start.

Learn more about what WCCU can do to help students.

The Right Start

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Student Banking | Learn More

  • Checking
  • Savings & CDs
  • Online Banking
  • WCCU Visa

Student Loan Options | Learn More

  • Auto
  • Secured
  • Share-Secured

Student Benefits | Access Online Banking

  • ATM Accessibility
  • 24/7 Online Access
  • Low rate loans
  • Minimal account fees
  • Individualized service
  • Partner discounts

Preparing for Your Future

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Considering Products for the Future

Applications, interviews, scholarships, and loan options… it can all be so overwhelming! WCCU wants to help you plan for whatever comes next. Our Member Services Specialists will take the time to walk through all of your options. We will help you to create a smooth transition and get started down the path to a successful financial future.

  • Opening a checking account
  • Debit vs. credit card
  • Savings strategies
  • First car loan
  • Shared access accounts
  • Identity protection

Off to College

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Moving to a New Location?

Whether you are going to school in-state or out-of-state or relocating for a new job, you can still access your credit union accounts. WCCU is a member of the Xtend Shared Branch and CO-OP Networks, which feature more than networked Credit Union locations across Michigan, throughout the Midwest, and across the country.


Even though you may be away from home, online banking allows quick and easy transactions to manage your money from wherever you are. Pay bills, manage transactions, transfer funds, balance your checkbook, you can also choose to share access with a family members so they can assist as needed. We want to help make managing your money as simple as possible. Just let us know how we can help!

CO-OP ATM Network

As part of the CO-OP Network we are able to provide access to the largest network of fee-free ATM locations across the nation.


Click here to access the network: CO-OP ATM Network


Xtend Shared Branching Network

Can’t make it to one of WCCU’s branches? Traveling out of town? As part of the Xtend Shared Branching Network there are many shared branch locations available to you; find out where!

Click here to access the Xtend Shared Branching Network: Xtend Network

Free and convenient access to:

  • Make deposits
  • Withdraw cash
  • Cash checks
  • Transfer funds
  • Make loan payments


Already have a WCCU Preferred Platinum Visa account? Gain quick and easy access to manage your account with EZCard Access.


Click here to access your Visa account: EZCard Access

Student Resources

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WCCU provides access to information and resources to support your future.

Credit Union vs. Traditional Bank

Learn about the difference between the offering of credit unions as opposed to traditional banking institutions.

Credit Union vs. Traditional Bank

Affording College in Michigan

This guidebook, provided by the State of Michigan, includes information on planning and applying for college, including financial resources to assist with affording college in Michigan.

Affording College in Michigan

Pure Michigan MAT2 at Baker College

Are you looking for a well-paying manufacturing or technology career without the worry of tuition? MAT² may be the answer for you!

Benefits for Students:

  • College tuition paid for by an employer
  • On-the-job training with pay
  • An ‘associate degree’
  • A job upon successful completion of the program

Click here to learn about the MAT2 at Baker College.

Pure Michigan MAT2

FDIC Teen Money Guide

The FDIC has assemble a guide covering all of the information necessary to keep our teens and young adults on the right track toward a stable financial future. Everything from car loans to borrowing for college.

Download the guide here: TeenMoneyGuide

Make a Career Plan

What do I need to do before pursuing a career? What types of goals should I set for myself? How will I stay motivated? Developing a career plan can help you outline a clear path as you begin looking for a new job.

Make a Career Plan

Identity Protection

Recovering from identity theft can take time and money.  ID Protect covers not only you, but your family’s information as well! You choose which information to register and can include not only your WCCU financial information, but your social security number, phone numbers, other debit and credit cards you have, and many other types of information.

For just $2.00 per month, you receive the following identity theft protection and much more:


  • Online identity theft news center
  • Debit and credit card registration
  • Access to a dedicated fraud specialist
  • Identity theft recovery case plan
  • Total Identity Monitoring
  • Credit monitoring
  • 3-in-1 Credit Report

Click here to register.

Download the Enrollment Form: ID PROTECT Enrollment

Call us for the WCCU access code, then click on the link above to get started!


Stay connected with the latest news and information effecting students in our region.

FAFSA Changes for 2017

In 2016, the federal government changed the submission requirements for FAFSA applications. The link below will provide information about the process and answers to frequently asked questions.

FAFSA Changes

50 Best Jobs That Don't Require a 4 Year Degree

Well paying jobs do not always require a 4 year degree. This list is based on the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics employment and wages report for May 2015, and gives the 50 best-paying jobs in Michigan that don’t require a bachelor’s degree.

50 Best Jobs

Local WCCU Partners

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  • Scholarships
  • Free Food Pantry
  • Emergency funds for veterans

Get Started & Join Today

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What do I need to bring?

  • Your Michigan Driver’s License or State of Michigan ID card (or any other government-issued photo-ID such as U.S. passport).
  • A second form of ID which bears your name, for example, Social Security Card, Insurance Card, School ID, Voters Registration, Work ID, etc. (Reminder: Please remember to bring children’s social security card and birth certificate with you when opening children’s accounts.)
  • Proof of physical address.
    • If provided forms of ID do not list physical address, or if it is a brand new address, we will need to see car registration, any official mail, something that is printed with the physical address. (A Secretary of State update sticker on your license is perfectly acceptable.)
  • If you work, worship or go to school in one of our eligible counties, we must have a letter from that organization, a paystub, or something to establish proof of the relationship.
  • A $5.00 minimum deposit establishes your Regular Share (Savings) Account. This Regular Share (Savings) Account is required for access to all other services provided by the Credit Union. The $5.00 minimum deposit must remain in the account as long as you are a member of, and wish to use services provided by, Wexford Community Credit Union.