WCCU Rates & Fees

Rates Effective January 1, 2023

LoanTermAnnual Percentage Rate*
Auto, Truck, Motorcycle
2023-2022up to 72 months5.50%
2021-2020up to 72 months6.00%
2019-2018up to 60 months6.25%
2017-2016up to 48 months6.25%
2015 & Olderup to 36 months7.50%
2023-2022up to 72 months5.75%
2021-2020up to 72 months6.25%
2019-2018up to 60 months6.50%
2017-2016up to 48 months6.50%
2015 & Olderup to 36 months7.75%
Other Collateral (Snowmobiles, Tractors, Trailers, etc.)
2023-2022up to 48 months5.75%
2021-2020up to 48 months6.00%
2019-2018up to 48 months7.00%
2017-2016up to 48 months7.50%
2015 & Olderup to 48 months8.50%
Home Equity Loans (traditional)
up to 84 months6.25%
up to 120 months6.50%
up to 180 months7.00%
Home Equity Loans (manufactured)
up to 84 months8.25%
up to 120 months8.50%
up to 180 months9.00%
Home Equity Line of Credit180 monthsRequest Rate
Share-Secured Loanup to 48 months5.00%
Share-Secured VISA24 Month Revolving5.00%
Signature Loans
$500-$20,000up to 12 months7.50%
up to 24 months8.25%
up to 36 months8.75%
$20,000.01-$30,000.00up to 36 months9.50%
VISA24 Month Revolving8.25%
Line of Credit24 Month Revolving9.50%
LIFE BOAT LOANS (set terms, rates and amounts & $30 Expediting Fee
“Sprint” Life Boat Loan = $3003 Month Term25.00%
“Captain” Life Boat Loan = $6006 Month Term25.00%
“Admiral” Life Boat Loan = $9009 Month Term25.00%

*Insurance products sold through or in the credit union are not insured by the National Credit Union Administration and are not issued, guaranteed, or underwritten by the credit union or the NCUA, or any other federal government agency.

*  All loan rates are effective 2/1/2023. Rates for this product are as low as stated. Rate is based on an evaluation of applicant credit. Rate is also based on the selected term and loan to value for vehicle loans. An evaluation of applicant credit determines the total amount financed, term, and whether MSRP or Factory Invoice is used for new vehicle values. Values are determined from either MSRP or Factory Invoice for new vehicles and NADA book value for used vehicles. Your rate and total amount financed may vary from the stated rate and maximum financing.

Certificate of Deposit Accounts

CD Rates*Annual Percentage Yield
     16 months4.30% APY
     28 months4.50% APY
IRA Rates
     Share IRA0.40% APY
     36 months

3.50% APY

     48 months

4.25% APY

*Rates are effective 1/3/2023. 16- and 28-month rates are limited time only. We reserve the right to modify or conclude promotion at any time. Rates subject to change without notice.

Other terms & rates are available. Please call or stop in to a branch to inquire.

CD Details

*The dividend rate and annual percentage yield (APY) on CD accounts will remain at the rate at which you opened it.

The minimum deposit required to open a CD is $500. 

Wexford Community Credit Union membership is required in order to purchase a Share Certificate of Deposit, which means you will have an established Regular Share Account.

The National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government agency, federally insures savings up to $250,000.00.

Fee Disclosure Statement

Click on the link below to review all fees. Fees may apply to your account, as well as charges for additional services. Thank you for your membership!

Download the Fee Disclosure Statement:

WCCU Mortgage Rates

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What do I need to Bring?

To open your Wexford Community Credit Union Account you will need to bring the following:

  • Your Michigan Driver’s License or State of Michigan ID card (or any other government-issued photo-ID such as U.S. passport).
  • A second form of ID which bears your name, for example, Social Security Card, Insurance Card, School ID, Voters Registration, Work ID, etc. (Reminder: Please remember to bring children’s social security card and birth certificate with you when opening children’s accounts.)
  • Proof of physical address.
  • If provided forms of ID do not list physical address, or if it is a brand new address, we will need to see car registration, any official mail, something that is printed with the physical address. (A Secretary of State update sticker on your license is perfectly acceptable.)
  • If you work, worship or go to school in one of our eligible counties, we must have a letter from that organization, a paystub, or something to establish proof of the relationship.
  • A $5.00 minimum deposit establishes your Regular Share (Savings) Account. This Regular Share (Savings) Account is required for access to all other services provided by the Credit Union. The $5.00 minimum deposit must remain in the account as long as you are a member of, and wish to use services provided by, Wexford Community Credit Union.