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WCCU Platinum Preferred VISA

Our low interest WCCU Platinum Preferred VISA credit card is the one card you can afford to carry. It’s perfect for shopping, travel, and unexpected expenses. Take advantage of the low rate savings and convenience it offers for managing your cash flow. As an added bonus, you will be able to accrue points with each purchase with the Scorecard® Rewards program to use on travel, merchandise, or discounts.

All Wexford Community Credit Union Loan and VISA accounts are serviced locally. So if you need assistance, you can call the branch and talk directly to a WCCU Loan Officer. No more call center processing and long hold times.


Now available all year!

Our Skip A Pay program allows you to skip your loan payment(s) for one month of your choosing. It lets you keep your cash for other things, like extra spending money for a vacation, car repairs, holiday shopping, back-to-school supplies or medical expenses.

Grow Your Cash!

Make Your Cash Work for You.

With a WCCU Certificates of Deposit, our members get a guaranteed interest rate without the risk of market fluctuation. Earn up to 1.5% APY with our CD special. Visit a WCCU branch today to learn more.