Phone Scam!


Phone SCAM Alert!!!

WCCU members have reported they received a phone call telling them their debit card has been compromised, and asking them to give out their card number and security code. THIS IS A SCAM.
If you receive such a call, do NOT give out your card number or any other information.

We have phone security measures, such as the use of a code word, to keep your account and personal information secure!
(You can add a code word to your account once you sign in securely to It’s Me 24/7.)

Our fraud alert system, Falcon, calls your number during regular business hours, and NEVER asks for your card number; they may ask you to confirm the last 4 digits, but they will not ask you for personal information. You will only be asked to confirm recent purchase amounts. Falcon does not text you about your account, and does not ask you for your card’s security code!

You can report phone scams to the Federal Trade Commission.

Report your experience to the FTC online or by calling 1-888-382-1222