Commercial Lending

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Who we are

When you come to WCCU for your business loan, you’re getting more than a loan. You’re also getting a Personal Banker who consults with you to determine the products and services best suited to your needs.

As a not-for-profit financial institution, WCCU’s loan officers are educators rather than salespeople. We want to get to know you and your business so we can assist you in getting what you need.  You can get answers to your questions because we provide local underwriting, local decisions, and local servicing.

Oh, and our underwriting? It’s flexible. Your business is unique and deserves loan terms that best match
your goals.

Whether you are seeking bigger office space, three used excavators, or new design software to keep you competitive, we want to help you succeed.


  • Commercial real estate: You’re growing, so where are you going?

    • First and second mortgages
    • Business Acquisition lending
    • Adjustable-rate loans: no balloon-loan risks for you
  • Equipment loans: What hardware does your business need to succeed?
    • Machinery and tools
    • penFleet vehicles
    • Computers, office equipment
    • Office furniture
  • Unsecured loans: For the things you didn’t know you needed until you needed them.
    • Low $500.00 loan minimum. We care about small businesses!
    • Supplies
    • Office redecoration
    • Uniforms or specialized gear
    • Technology upgrades
    • Marketing campaigns
    • Working capital
  • Business Visa credit cards: Easily manage your cash flow.
    • Everyday business purchases
    • Employee Program; get the cards you need for your staff, add and remove users, track your itemized expenditures
  • Lines of credit: Be prepared. 
    • Available for overdraft protection
    • Sudden purchases or repairs
    • Payments are immediately applied and available for use