Bill Pay FAQs


You may have noticed some changes recently in your bill pay. Below you will find information explaining these changes and how they will affect you.

Q: When will my payment be delivered?

A: The estimated delivery date for payments is just that: an estimate. Make sure you have funds to cover your payment! If funds are not available when the payment is processed, the payment will not be sent and you will need to reschedule that payment.

Q: When will my payment come out of my account?

A: Electronic payments will be debited from your account on the send date you choose.  Mailed checks will be debited from your account on the day the payee processes the payment.

Q: My payee used to be sent electronic payments; why are they now being mailed checks?

A: Many payees that were formerly paid electronically are now mailed paper checks, though payees are being converted to Electronic delivery every day. Please review your payees and scheduled payment dates to ensure timely processing.  Watch for the icon to change as described below to know when your payee has been converted:

  • mail-icon Mailed check payees have a mailbox icon
  • electronic-icon Electronic payees have a cloud icon

Q: Do you have any video tutorials to show me how to use bill pay?

A: Yes! Click HERE to go to our video page.