Text Scam Alert!

Fraud Alert 9/7/16

Texts Alerts:  WCCU has had several members alert us to fraudulent texts they received today. If you have received a text from a source claiming to be from WCCU, read on:Members received a text (“Credit Union Alert for Member#x) telling them to call a phone number. THIS IS A SCAM.

If you receive such a text, delete it and do NOT give out your card number or any other information. We have phone security measures, such as the use of a code word, to keep your account and personal information secure!  (You can add a code word to your account once you sign in securely to It’s Me 24/7.)

Our fraud alert system, Falcon, NEVER asks for your card number; they may ask you to confirm the last 4 digits, but they will not ask you for personal information.  You will only be asked to confirm recent purchase amounts.

Additionally, a few members have recently reported that they encountered pop-up ads that appear as legitimate messages stating, “Your identity may have been compromised; click here to view your credit report.”  The only pop-up you will see on this site is when you click on the It’s ME 24/7 tab to sign into your account or the Like Us on Face Book link; a message pops up that informs you that you’re leaving the wexccu.com site and heading to a third-party site:



Please help keep your information safe by only giving your personal or financial information to people you trust.