Phone Scam!

Article-Image-Phone-ScamWexford Community Credit Union members have recently been targeted in a phone phishing scam in which they receive a call with a prerecorded message falsely claiming that their debit card has been compromised and to press “1” for further information. The calls often occur in the middle of the night.  Immediately disconnect any suspicious call that relates to your debit or credit card or that requests any personal financial information.


Falcon is WCCU’s automated fraud alert management system.  Falcon may ask you to verify a recent purchase but never an account number or card number!  Additionally, neither WCCU nor Falcon will call in the middle of the night.  Falcon has set calling hours and will wait until the next day if an issue is outside of normal calling hours.


If you ever have any questions or concerns about your account, please call and talk to a member service representative.